When one is robbed of something they enjoy, they must find something to replace that void. Therefore I have decided to dedicate this spare time to the research of the occult.

Several years ago, I have purchased a set of Tarot cards and over the years I have only done a few readings. However, I discovered that each time I was guided by the cards they whispered truths into my ears. Today, I lost my reasons that prevented me from learning more about myself and the world.

I started this blog as a journal for me to use as I learn more about various facets of the occult. My main interests lie within tarot divination, runes and chaos magick. However, that does not mean that I will shy away from other subjects.

To be honest, aside from my experience with tarot and lucid dreaming in my youth, I’m embarking on this journey empty handed.

I should clarify what I mean when I say “occult”. For me, it’s a term used to define various facets of the self. For example, tarot divination for me doesn’t have any mystic or magical power. All the power comes from the self or the bond of oneself with the person one is helping.

Basically, what I’m saying is that divination techniques to me are a method one can use to learn more about themselves. Any power the cards might have does not come from outside forces, but from oneself.

That being said, I will follow up on this post with “Beginning Lucid Dreaming” which will contain a overview of techniques to achieve it and my own experiences as a child.

For those stumbling upon this journal, I wish to welcome you. I hope that I can give you even the tiniest glimpse of insight in whatever you may seek.


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